Duni Group
Duni Group (
Provider of food service and airline catering supplies such as paper napkins, table covers, plastic cups and other dinnerware.

Category: Organizations
Location: Sweden (
Distributor of party, catering and wedding reception supplies.

Category: Organizations
Location: United States
Barmans (
Suppliers of bar and catering equipment.

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Fondue revival - Recipe - Brief Article
Fondue revival - Recipe - Brief Article (
Fondue starts with a pan and a heating element. The contents of the pan determine the foods to use for dunking or cooking, as well as the peripheral collection of sauces, if any. A single setup best suits a party of two to six so all have ready access to the action. Multiply the scale of the event simply by.

Category: Cheese / Recipes
Location: United States - San Francisco - California
TLC Linen Sales
TLC Linen Sales (
Sales of table linens, chair covers, floor mats, and chef clothing.

Category: Organizations
Location: United States
Acry Fab
Acry Fab (
Manufactures counter-top bakery cases and self serve dispensers. Products include dispensers for cups, lids, condiments, napkins, straws, waxed tissue, rags and tobacco. Ordering, discount and warranty information.

Category: Organizations
Location: United States
Bacon Wrapped Lobster
Bacon Wrapped Lobster (
Directions: Preheat the broiler to high. Pair each chunk of lobster with a scallion slice, and wrap in a piece of bacon. Hold in form with a toothpick. Place this baby on a baking tray and repeat with other chunks of lobster. Broil for 6 minutes on the 2nd shelf down from the top, turning once, or until bacon begins.

Category: Fish and Seafood / Lobster
Location: United States - Worcester - Massachusetts
Can Do Chefs (
Hands-on cooking classes featuring cuisines from around the world. Classes during the day, evening and some Saturdays.

Category: Organizations
Location: United States
Ogles Designs LLC
Ogles Designs LLC (
Menu design for Independent Restaurants and Independent Restaurant Groups.South Carolina USA based.

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