California School Nutrition Association
California School Nutrition Association (
California School nutrition Association is educating and empowering members to provide healthy meals to foster an environment where children achieve overall wellness and lifelong success.

Category: Organizations
Location: United States - Burbank, California
Quaker Oatmeal
Quaker Oatmeal (
Offers recipes, information on nutrition, heart health, and women's nutrition, and information on their products.

Category: Grains
Location: United States
Nutrition and Learning Resource List
Nutrition and Learning Resource List (
United States Department of Agriculture listing of publications pertaining to diet and education information.

Category: Meat / Poultry
Location: United States
Bauman College (
nutrition consultant and culinary whole foods chef programs. Classroom and distance learning courses available.

Category: Organizations
Location: United States
Tasty Tofu Recipes
Tasty Tofu Recipes (
Recipes for tofu nut balls and Italian casserole.

Category: Vegetarian / Tofu
Location: United States
Oregon Dairy Council
Oregon Dairy Council (
A creative site with science-based nutrition news, award-winning nutrition resources and recipes.

Category: Organizations / Dairy
Location: United States - Portland, OR
Waitrose Recipes (
Recipes from the British store chain, updated every month. Includes a recipe database searchable by various criteria, recipes of the month using seasonal produce, a glossary, and links to the rest of the Waitrose site.

Category: Recipe Collections
Portobello Mushrooms (Portabellas)
Portobello Mushrooms (Portabellas) (
The article discusses the name, uses, nutrition and includes recipes and growing information. From GourmetSleuth.

Category: Fruits and Vegetables / Mushrooms
Location: United States - Ashburn, VA
Vegetarian Resource Group: Recipes
Vegetarian Resource Group: Recipes (
Recipes and nutrition information from a non-profit organization dedicated to educating the public on vegetarianism. Recipes are vegan.

Category: Vegetarian
Location: United States
Rutabagas, an Uncommon Treat
Rutabagas, an Uncommon Treat (
Rutabaga history, rutabaga nutrition, simple rutabaga recipe .

Category: Fruits and Vegetables / Rutabagas
Location: United States
Potatohelp (
The Potato Board's site offers a collection of potato recipes, history, nutrition, and other information about potatoes.

Category: Fruits and Vegetables / Potatoes
Location: United States - Herndon, VA
Maggi Me (
Chicken, meat, vegetable, seafood, and dessert recipes using the company's products.

Category: Brand Names
Location: United States
Pomelo; Pommelo from GourmetSleuth
Pomelo; Pommelo from GourmetSleuth (
Ancestor to the common grapefruit. Includes photographs, recipes, nutrition, culinary and medicinal uses.

Category: Fruits and Vegetables
Location: United States - Ashburn, VA
Burns Pet Nutrition
Burns Pet Nutrition (
Burns Pet Food uses the minimum of ingredients to produce maximum benefits for dogs, cats or rabbits. Developed by veterinary surgeon John Burns in 1993, it’s just simple, nutritious, easy to digest food for all life stages. It makes pets happy and healthy inside and out and is hypo-allergenic to suit the most.

Category: Appetizers
Location: United Kingdom - Carmarthenshire, Wales
Peanut-institute (
The Peanut-Institute a non-profit organization that supports nutrition research and develops educational programs to encourage healthful lifestyles that include peanuts and peanut products.

Category: Nuts and Seeds / Peanuts
Location: United States - Portland - Maine